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Textile Competence Center Vorarlberg


Our projects are tailored to meet customer specific requirements


We are working on both – technology and market driven innovations


Connecting scientists, engineers and marketplayers is our core effort

Statements from our partners

Corinna Wendeler
Corinna WendelerGeobrugg AG, CTO
The TCCV offers us completely new approaches and exciting solutions, which can significantly expand our product portfolio. Together with the TCCV, we will develop innovative ideas, applications and materials based on textile technologies that are targeted to impact our fields of application.
Tillmann Märk
Tillmann MärkUniversität Innsbruck, Rektor
With new application and possibilities, textiles are increasingly becoming a key industrial technology, with the TCCV taking a leading role in this field. The TCCV will contribute decisively to this development by means of excellent research in the areas of fibre based composite materials, sensor textiles and advanced textiles.
Karlheinz Rüdisser
Karlheinz RüdisserLandesregierung Vorarlberg, Landesstatthalter
The expansion of this research area represents a major innovation gap far beyond the textile industry. This strengthens the competitiveness and the business locations of Vorarlberg.
Helmut Steurer
Helmut SteurerWirtschaftskammer Vorarlberg
The TCCV is a unique feature in Austria and Europe due to its specialization in the area of highly automated textile production processes and materials.
Georg Comploj
Georg ComplojGetzner, Mutter & Cie
The partnerships of the TCCV enable us to master future challenges and tasks in an optimal manner and to set our own momentum in the market for technical textiles. In addition to our in-house research and development work, participation in the TCCV is an excellent opportunity for us to strengthen our know-how and build new product fields.